7 Chakra Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

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Black Lava Volcanic Stone 7 Chakra Bracelet. This Natural Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet comes in as a healing agent and regulates the energy flow in the body to cure health issues. Every chakra is associated with some major organ of the body as well as a bundle of nerves. They affect your physical, spiritual and emotional states of being in specific ways. It is essential for your overall well-being to keep all the chakras open and aligned by maintaining the energy flow of your body.

When you wear the 7 Chakra Bracelet, the task becomes attainable as it helps you to focus on keeping the chakras open. The 7 colored stones connect your mind, body, and soul in a circular manner which brings the energies back into balance.

Handmade, unisex, essential oil diffuser bracelet. Just drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto one of the black lava stones to receive aromatherapy healing all day long. Lift your mood and release tension with this elastic essential oil bracelet. Also available in the adjustable rope style bracelet. 

Each bracelet comes with a 1 ml bottle of essential oil.