Lavender and Lemongrass Essential Oil Roll-On 10 ml

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Our Essential Oil Roll-Ons are made with 100% pure essential oils and combined with Fractionated Coconut oil for easy application to the skin without irritation.  Allow the aromatherapy benefits and topical application benefits of the essential oil to bring emotional and physical healing properties such as calming, energy-enhancing, relaxation or mood-lifting. Carry this rollerball where ever you go as it fits easily inside your purse!

Lavender and Lemongrass Essential Oil (Calming, Relaxing, Cheerful) An essential oil must have.  Known for its calming and relaxing qualities, as well as stress reducer, fever reducer and muscle relaxer, it is also used to soothe occasional skin irritations and help skin recover quickly.  Inhale it or apply it to skin to rest and relieve tension and to uplift your mood. A part of the Lavender and Lemongrass product line.